Istrian cuisine reflects its cultural heritage. Here the seafood of the Adriatic meets the pasta dishes of Italy and the hearty, meat-based fare of Central Europe. Local delicacies include oysters from the Limski kanal, cured ham (Pršut), wild asparagus and truffles from the hills inland.

 There are numerous restaurants in Kaštelir. Within walkable distance of both Kovaci and Brnobici are:

  • Restaurant Toni
  • Santa Domenica
  • Pizzeria-Grill Robi
  • Konoba Prisada
  • Konoba Zardin

Zardin and Prisada are just around the corner from Kovaci (c. 2 minute stroll), one in one direction, the other in the other.

Toni is just across the road from Brnobici.

Information on many other restaurants within a short drive are available in the information packs I’ve left in all the houses.